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Comfy Cubs Easy Swaddles, Small (3 Pack)

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Color: Blush/ Mauve/ Mulberry

Small/Medium: 0-3 months, 7-14 Pounds, up to 26 inches

Discover the calming benefits of swaddling

By recreating the secure and cozy feeling of mommy's womb, Comfy Cubs Swaddle Blankets for newborns trigger the relaxation mechanism in your baby so he can enjoy more restful sleep. Bundled snugly in our baby sleep sack and free from involuntary reflexes that would startle him awake, your child will fall asleep more easily and remain asleep longer. Not only will your baby benefit from more sleep during his most formative days, but you'll relax and enjoy watching him grow and develop.

A comfortable baby is a happy baby

Comfy Cubs Swaddle Blankets are made of 100% cotton so they're breathable and thermo-regulating. They help your infant retain body heat in cooler weather, and they wick away moisture in warmer climates to keep him cool and congenial. Double-layer construction and anti-fray edge tape ensure long-lasting durability. Sturdy hook-and-loop tabs hold our swaddle wraps securely closed, unlike improvised receiving blankets that can fall loose as baby is passed from parent to parent or laid in his crib.

Delight Mom with these thoughtful baby necessities

Our swaddle blankets 3-pack ensures that there is always a baby wrap handy in the diaper bag, nursery and stroller basket. They are handsomely packaged, machine-washable for easy care, and they fit small or medium infants weighing 7-14 lbs. Their adjustable design ensures a snug, reassuring fit while allowing growing room for your baby to make the most of the swaddling experience.