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Welcome to our website!
Welcome to our website!


Designed for discovery

Bugaboo believes that families don't have to go all that far to discover a world of something new. We design extraordinary products and parenting solutions that make spending time together with your child exciting, memorable, and, most importantly, fun, no matter where you go.


Adventure awaits

Parenthood is the greatest adventure you can ever go on. And with a tiny partner in crime by your side, there’s all kinds of fun to be had and mischief to be made.

The history of Bugaboo | Bugaboo US

What do we believe in?


Continuous innovation

Sleek, purposeful design that makes the complicated, uncomplicated

Over twenty years ago, we shook up the parental category with a stroller that redefined how parents could spend time together with their children. We pioneered sleek, purpose driven design and engineering to make the complicated feel uncomplicated. We spend countless hours fine-tuning every joint, stitch, and click so that you and your baby are always comfortable. That’s why when our products get to you, all you have to think about is – where to?

The history of Bugaboo | Bugaboo US

Exceptional quality

Attention to every detail and choosing the highest quality materials to create products that are built to last

Innovative design goes hand in hand with the highest quality materials and creatively engineered solutions. Which means our products are tested well beyond industry safety and quality standards, our fabrics are soft to the touch, and more robust parts are lightweight and easily replaceable. This meticulous attention to every detail enables us to create long lasting products that perform just as brilliantly as they look.

The history of Bugaboo | Bugaboo US

Magic of togetherness

Families having fun and exploring together in confidence and comfort

Bonding with your child is one of the great joys of parenthood. The more you discover together, the more happy and curious they grow up to be.Whether it’s experiencing the comfort of go-everywhere wheels that leave no corner unturned, peekaboo windows in the canopy, or seats that easily reverse to face you, our products are designed to give the best possible environment for your little co-pilot to grow and develop.

The history of Bugaboo | Bugaboo US

Conscious choices

Reducing our environmental impact and being a positive force in our communities

We do our best to treat the planet with the respect it deserves so that future generations can also discover the world together. We strive to play an active role in making a brighter future, from responsibly sourcing our materials, providing healthy working conditions in our factory and being a positive force in communities near and far.

The history of Bugaboo | Bugaboo US

The modern family

Whatever the size and shape of your family, we have something for everyone

When a baby joins a family, everyone can agree on two things - goodbye to your previous concept of bedtime and hello to mountains of adventures no parenting blog prepared you for. The modern family has moved well beyond the traditional idea of mom and dad, so whatever the size and shape of yours, we have a product that will make every experience comfortable, safe, and fun.