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Adora Classic Pacifier Sets

by Adora
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Color: Classic Vanilla Wood Star

About this item

  • The Adora Baby Gifts Pacifier - The favored pacifier by mom’s and babies alike. With its natural soft and flexible silicone material it provides the feel of mom, allowing the baby to self-soothe and remain calm. The Adora Baby Gifts pacifier’s iconic one-piece design assures the safety and cleanliness of the product. Capture the pure infant look with these lovable pacifier styles.
  • Pack of Two - Each Adora Baby Gifts newborn pacifier set includes two coordinating pacifiers available in a variety of stunning colors selected by its meticulous designer. The ideal nipple design was crafted by infant specialists who understand babies' needs in order to feel soothed.
  • High Quality Material - Made of 100% safe silicone featuring large vent holes for breathability and to reduce moisture buildup. Silicone provides softness to the baby’s developing gums while having a strong durability to withstand their teething stages. Our pacifiers are safety tested to meet ASTM safety standards.
  • Easy to Clean - Its one-piece hygienic design makes it simple to clean without having buildup of germs in any area. The silicone material used is dishwasher safe and boil-proof so it can get a deep clean.
  • Care Instructions - Sterilize each pacifier before use by boiling it in water and rinsing with cold water thereafter. It is advisable to replace the pacifier every so often to maintain utmost safety and hygiene. If you notice any damage or changes on pacifier material it must be discarded immediately.