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Baby Moov Bottle Sterilizer

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Easily and quickly sanitize your baby bottles with the Babymoov A003107 Baby Bottle Automatic Turbo Pure Steriliser. Maintaining the benefits of sterilization requires drastic hygiene conditions that only pure Turbo. Thanks to the HEPA filter, purified hot air is propelled at 95" to the heart of baby bottles. An air released 99% of the most resistant bacteria (viruses, mites, allergens, etc.), your bottles will remain sterile during storage under the bell. Bottles that dry in the open air can carry germs and expose babies to infectious risks. Remember that their immune system is particularly vulnerable in the first 6 months. That's why all in one sterilizer and turbo bottle sterilizer brings The drying solution in a sterile environment. It eliminates 99% of polluting bacteria in the air. Unlike other market sterilizers that do not realize an automatic and purifying drying. Sanitize your baby at your easiest convenience with the Babymoov A003107 Baby Bottle Automatic Turbo Pure Steriliser.

  • Easy to use with its "all in one" cycle or selection of functions manually
  • 8 minutes to sterilize
  • Optional drying time 30,45,60 min
  • Patented technology eliminates 99.90 percent of bacteria with a high-performance HEPA filtration system
  • Anti-limestone alert
  • Automatic shutdown
  • LCD control screen with touch buttons
  • BPA free
  • Composition: PP (Polypropyl?ne)
  • Filter: HEPA H12