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Brain Builders Baby's First Remote Control Clicker Teether

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About Toys by People

At Toys by People, our core mission is to encourage the natural development in children through play. We're here to help parents find fun meaningful activities that naturally promote key developmental milestones and to educate parent's on how to do so for their children.

  • Innovative design from Japan to around the world

The Brain Builders Baby Clicker Remote Control Baby Teether

Give them a safe alternative to the real thing

Does your baby love to chew on your phone and the remote control? We have that problem too! The Brain Builders Baby-Clicker Remote Control Baby Teether is straight forward and baby will love it more than the real thing. Trade with them for the real thing and watch as they teeth away. Keep an extra in your bag and one right next to the remote control. Easy to clean and a sanitary alternative for baby.

Feature Both Baby and Parents will Love

Baby Remote Control

Baby Teether

Baby Teether

For Teething

Blue area is firm for teething and ideal for sore gums

For Tactile Play

Grey area is soft for tactile play and improving grip strength

For All Around Fun

Whether baby views the Baby Clicker as a phone, a remote, or just as an object - They will be sure to have hours of fun while you have the piece of mind that they are not putting any electronics into their mouth