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Brain Builders Cry No More Rattle

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  • Safe and easy to use
  • An ideal tool for helping to calm a restless newborn
  • Perfect for postpartum parent and newborn play
  • Gentle shuuushing sound to protect your baby's ears
  • Fun dancing beads for parent guide play and eye tracking development
  • Best selling rattle from Japan
  • Brain Builders: Cry No More Baby Rattle

    Safety First
    • Safe and Easy to use
    • Battery is self contained and irreplaceable for safety
    • BPA and Phthalate Free
    Not just for newborns

    At around 5 months, your baby will love to watch the mesmerizing, dancing beads as they shake, jive and move to the rhythm they create.

    Perfect for when you get back from the hospital - a must have for newborns

    Ideal for parents to play with their child before they can hold their own toys

    Designed for postpartum parents, the Cry No More Baby rattle has been critically acclaimed by parents in Japan for its wonderous effect to stimulate their baby's senses but also calm them with the built-in sushing sounds.

    Great tool for parents to entertain and calm their newborn

    Soothing white-noise womb sounds comfort newborns.

    Benefits of Play

    Attention Grabber

    The Cry No More Baby rattle will capture the attention of your baby with its dancing, colorful beads and twirling star ornament.

    For Sleepy Time and Play Time

    Eases and relaxes crying babies with womb sounds that can be played by the touch of a button.

    During the day, the Cry No More Baby rattle sparks your baby's curiosity that can turn teary eyes into wonderment.

    Calming Shushing Sound

    Soothe your baby all the way to sleep by playing the ambient sounds they have experienced while in their mother's womb.